New Zealand is made to be seen from the air.

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Premier helicopter management & charter

Heliport apron
Airbus H130 interior
Airbus H130
Airbus H130 inside the Heliport
The fleet

Since 1998 we have had the privilege and enjoyment of providing first class aviation services to private helicopter owners and charter guests alike. With experienced local pilots, planners and engineers we serve the most exclusive retreats, superyachts and golf courses. We also operate New Zealand’s most reputable & experienced helicopter training services.

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Make a grand entrance

Our extensive fleet of modern helicopters make moving about the country effortless. Each are individually customised for passenger comfort and safety.
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Charter Service

Advanced Flight helicopter in action
Advanced Flight helicopters in action
Advanced Flight helicopters in action

Charter Service

Explore our beautiful backyard

Our longstanding relationships with many of New Zealand’s exclusive spots, combined with our modern helicopters specifically designed for touring, ensures seamless journeys that work around your schedule.
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Heli management

Award-winning heli owner service

  1. Engineering & Maintenance

    Engineering & maintenance
    365 day-per-year helicopter maintenance and servicing.
  2. Heliport

    Advanced Flight Award Winning Heliport
    A shed as elegant as the machines it houses.
  3. Super Yachts

    Superyacht in the South Pacific
    Full-service arrangement for owners of super yachts who house helicopters onboard.
  4. Bespoke Services

    NZ Police helicopter
    We house and maintain the fleet of Auckland based helicopters for NZ Police and support Nasdaq listed Rocket Lab with the mid-air recovery of booster rockets.
Engineering & maintenance Advanced Flight Award Winning Heliport Superyacht in the South Pacific NZ Police helicopter

Special Ops

Bespoke problems, special solutions

NZ Police Helicopter
External load
External load
Our work also extends into human sling, external load, firefighting, aerial survey and photography, super yacht and Police operations.
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